Fooducate — A Fun App to Help you Make Smart Food Choices

For all of you trying to make better food choices, I’m excited to recommend Fooducate. In fact, I’ve been recommending the app right and left to friends, family and clients. It’s not only a handy app, but the blog is a good resource for nutritional information.

FooducateMy 13-year-old daughter turned me on to Fooducate, something that indicates just how fun this app can be (the logo is an orange wearing a sweatband). It’s quick and easy to scan a barcode to pull up full nutritional information on a product. It also gives foods a grade (A+ to D) that is devised using an “algorithm that rewards minimally processed, nutrient dense foods with the highest grades.” For foods that don’t score well, Fooducate offers higher-ranking alternatives.

I checked out one of my favorite salsas, Kirkland’s organic brand, only to find it gets a B-. Pretty much all tomato salsa are low-calorie, so the low grade is primarily due to its lack of nutritional value – it’s low on Vitamin C. I think I was lured by the word “organic” on the label and didn’t go further than taste in assessing this one. Now, thanks to Fooducate, I’ve got their list of healthier salsa, and I’m having fun trying them out.

Fast food fare is abounds on Fooducate, conveniently searchable by chain. A friend was grateful, and a little disappointed, to find out her family’s favorite Jimmy John #9 rates a “D” with more than 900 calories, 2414 mg of sodium (over 50% daily max) and 13 g of saturated fat! The alternatives given were unappetizing, and most rated C+ which probably says a lot about the fast food sandwiches in this category, so I’m thinking she’s decided to split the sandwich with someone or at least indulge less often.

The basic version of Fooducate does plenty, but for those with food allergies, or anyone wishing to exclude ingredients like dairy or GMO products, it’s easy and relatively affordable to upgrade to the Pro version. One client finds this indispensable when shopping for her daughter who has gluten intolerance.

I was surprise to find out Arizona Green Tea scores a  C+, and Sabra Hummus Singles earn a  D+!

The founder of Fooducate made this video using red Gatorade as an example.