Glass vs Plastic

When it comes to food storage, if you haven’t made the switch from plastic to glass, here are 7 reasons to do so, and a few tips to make it easy. Simply put, glass makes sense whether saving leftovers in the fridge or storing beans, grains, pasta and snacks in the pantry.

Since tossing the Tupperware, I’ve experienced the following epiphanies:

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  1. Easy Inventory – I can see everything in my refrigerator. There’s no guessing as to what’s inside that murky plastic. I no longer have a jumble of plastic bags from the bulk food section in the cupboard. I can see what I have and what I need to buy.
  2. More Creativity in the Kitchen – Maybe it’s just me, but seeing a big jar of beautiful black beans inspires me to make something delicious and healthy.
  3. Fewer Dirty Dishes – Tempered glass containers can safely travel from fridge, to oven or microwave, to table, to dishwasher. Microwaving food in plastic is a big no-no due to harmful BPA many plastics still contain.
  4. Inspires Healthy Choices – You are more likely to reach for the pink juicy watermelon conveniently cut up in appetizing chunks if you can see it on the refrigerator shelf. Ditto for the homemade granola or dried apple rings in the pantry.
  5. Food Stays Fresh Longer – Glass is a non-porous surface that can withstand high heat in the dishwasher, and is safe in the freezer as well. Glass doesn’t absorb food odors, colors, and bacteria like plastic can. In the pantry, airtight glass containers keep things dry and fresh.
  6. Glass Lasts Forever – Glass containers are a bit of an initial investment, but the set will look and perform as good as new years from now.
  7. Contributing Less to Our Landfills – This one is a no brainer. Minimizing the plastic in your life will reduce the trash and recycling your family produces.

A Few Tips

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  • You don’t have to make the switch all at once. Gradually phase out plastic as you collect glass jars and containers. Reuse what you already have. Visit Goodwill for an eclectic assortment of glass in all shapes and sizes. If you’re after a certain look, the Container Store is a little slice of heaven.
  • Leave a scoop in  jars of rice and oats for easy dispensing. Old measuring cups work well.
  • Label the grains. At first quinoa, faro, bulgur all look alike. Break out your label maker or use a piece of masking tape and a Sharpie.
  • I didn’t exactly recycle all of my plastic. I keep several containers on hand for sending food to school or a social event. I love my glass containers, and don’t part with them easily!