The Low Down on Salsa

Salsa is an important staple in our house. Finding the right one makes everything taste just that much better. I checked how my favorite app, Fooducate, rates various brands. Here’s what I found.

Green Mountain Grino SalsoaGreen Mountain Gringo Salsa (mild, medium or hot) is a big winner. It’s a non-GMO product, is always tasty with good texture, and scores an A for nutritional content. It can be a little hard to find. Sometimes it’s in the natural section instead of with the larger selection of salsas.

Another winner is Trader Joes’ Fresh Salsa. Like all of their store brand products, it contains no GMO ingredients. It’s a top, fresh, refrigerated option.

Looking at a few of the brands that seems to dominate supermarket shelves, I found that all Pace’s salsas rate a C+. Tostitos brand gets a C and is at the bottom of the  category. The downfall of both brands is that they contain zero Vitamin C. Since tomatoes are a natural source of Vitamin C, how does this happen? Well Fooducate offers a few possibilities on what might be plaguing their tomatoes:

– Grown in nutrient-poor soil
– Picked while green, then ripened using ethylene gas
– Use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

Yet Tostitos Chunky salsa contains 6 mgs of Vitamin C which bumps the grade to a B+. Whatever the difference may be, when buying Tostitos brand, make sure it’s chunky.

I want to share what I found out about my former go-to brand, Kirkland Signature Organic Salsa (Costco brand). I must have stopped at the word “organic” and assumed it was a great choice. But like Pace and Tostitos, it’s devoid of Vitamin C and so scores a C+.

I found a few organic salsa that  get an A. Some aren’t available in my area, but I’m going to check out a few that are.

natures place organic salsaFull Circle Organic Salsa

505 Southwestern Organic Salsa

Field Day Organic Salsa

Nature’s Place Organic Salsa (Hannaford)

Buying salsa at farmer’s markets is another great option. Making your own can be fun too. Please leave a comment below if you have some other favorite, healthy brands. You can also read what I shared about Peanut Butters in an earlier blog.


Let me know what you think.

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