What’s Your Word for 2014?

Enough about New Year’s Resolutions, already. Though I’d hate to miss an opportunity for a little self-reflection and goal setting. Instead of a resolution, how about choosing a single word, a mini mantra, that can be your touchstone throughout the year? It can encapsulate your goal(s), and maybe conjure the big picture of who you want to be and where you want to go in the coming year.

My friend shared this idea with me. Her word for 2014 is “march” as in marching forward in a positive direction. On the spot, another friend chose “perseverance.” She’s currently up against a few obstacles and needs to remind herself to hang tough.

After some thought, I’ve chosen “core” as in what’s at the center of me. I hope it will remind me to be true to my core values, and to stick to my path regardless of pressures, temptations and doubts.

created by Wordle

Try it. Find a word that captures your dreams for the future. Post it on your refrigerator or bulletin board. Make it the screen saver on your phone. Keep it at the ready whenever you might need a little direction and reassurance.

Have a happy and healthy 2014!


Let me know what you think.

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