Recipe for Success

When we set a goal for ourselves, very often the difference between success and failure is our mindset. I’d say it’s the single most important factor in the outcome. So before you embark on making a change in your life — starting a new business, a new exercise routine, going back to school, finding a partner, deciding to lose weight – it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions.

How committed are you?

Exactly how hard are you willing to work?

half ass

What doubts do you have?

What does reaching this goal mean to you?

Do you expect that you’ll see it through?

What happens if you fail?

Who can and will support your efforts?

How will you handle the first obstacle you encounter? The second?

When will you know you’ve succeeded?

These questions are meant to help you reflect on your own level of commitment as well as your doubts. Once you have a handle on these, you’ll be better prepared to move ahead with a mindset for success. Good luck!


Let me know what you think.

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