Brahmacharya (aka moderation)

IMG_1621Those nice people at Lululemon send you one of their ubiquitous shopping bags even when you’ve ordered from them online. Smart marketing. I got one the other day that I haven’t seen before. In colorful, funky lettering it says “BRAHMACHARYA.” It’s not a term I was familiar with. On the side of the bag, they explained:

Brahmacharya (moderation, non-excess) This yama, or yogic philosophy, teaches us to recognize that moment of “just enough” so we don’t move past it into uncomfortable excess. Maybe it’s by pushing away the plate of french fries or using our pent-up energy for a run. By focusing inward, we keep our bodies healthy and energetic. (And hey, there are some things we’re better off avoiding altogether.) Where in your life could you use moderation?

Sounds like just the opposite of Gilding the Lily. I wonder if there’s a different yogic term for that? Look closely at the letters. They are formed by all those pesky things that we need to enjoy wisely or not at all — jellybeans, cookies, booze, chips, cigarettes, and artificial sweetener.


Let me know what you think.

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